DIY Pack Goat Saddle

The dwarf-goat-pack-saddle project.Since a regular-sized goat pack doesn’t fit Puff, a Nigerian Dwarf, and he is needed to help his girl (my daughter) carry some of her things on a backpacking trip, I hammered this out.

I flirted with the idea of buying a cheap dog pack, but dog packs put pressure on goaty spines, so the pack-for-Puff had to be anatomically correct. Especially for Puff’s, um, special figure.

This project rivals any other for “spare parts”— cobbled together from jeans, cloth-napkins-we-never-use, quilt batting scraps, bias tape, misc. hardware stashed around the house, and a super-adorable-belt-that-matched-an-outfit-that-someone-never-wore.

I should have used water repellant fabric, but we are not hiking the Appalachian trail or packing out someone’s hunting camp, so it will be alright.I think the color scheme “becomes” Puff. 😉

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