Dandelion Darlin’s

It’s no secret that I love dandelions. Not only do I use them in making salve and soap, but they are useful for other things too.

Everyone knows about dandelion greens in hot bacon dressing. (Right?) Well, you can also use the dandelion heads for many things. The flower heads contain vitamins A and B12, plus they have more antioxidants than the other parts of the plants.

So add an extra—free— nutritional boost to whatever you happen to be baking. Chop the yellow dandy parts off the heads and add about a cup of them to your cake, cookie, pancake, or bread recipe. They lend a moistness to the baked product. No one, including my kids, have ever noticed any objectionable texture if you’re wondering, as did I, about all those petals in your baked goody.

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