From a Different Perspective

Though I’m much better caring for kids and animals, I’ve been trying to nurture a patch of wildflowers that I can see from my kitchen sink. For years.

This year, I was pleased that one (yes, only one) impressive clump of orange flowers flourished. I visited them early this morning and “fluffed” them.

Having just glanced out the kitchen window while doing dishes, I noticed the flowers vanished. Like a silly woman, I gasped. Then in the next instant I spotted the Littlest Fellow striding toward the house, arms swinging, orange flowers clutched in his fist.

I laughed. Vanishing flower mystery? Solved! He came inside, exclaiming that he’d found the most beautiful flowers.

“For me?” I asked.

“Yes!” he beamed.

I prized those flowers growing in view of my window. But I’ll never tell him! They are better this way….my little boy picked me flowers! Besides, I can still see them from my kitchen sink, just in a different way than I’d expected.

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