Cossack Death Drag

Take a ride with me.

I’m a trick rider—come see my world.

The photo in this post is what this trick looks like to the crowd. The video is what it looks like for the trick rider.

This trick is the Russian Cossack Death Drag. Originally, trick riding was a war skill. This trick is named after a Cossack who met an untimely end due to an issue with his saber while doing it. There’s a few variations to this story, but that is the jist of it.

Anyway, it’s a simple stunt: Ask your horse to gallop, wwing to sit sideways on your horse’s neck, flash a nonchalant smile at crowd, throw self backwards with abandon and….there it is.

As always, I remain deeply grateful—indebted forever— to Brother (my horse) for taking care of me.

Photo by David Elias

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