The Beautiful Tomato

Tomato should be changed to a hyphenated word…never by itself, but always as beautiful-tomato.

Decades ago, I heard Gerard Dipardieu murmur (with a French accent, of course) about the beautiful-tomatoes he bought his lady friend in the movie Green Card.

And I haven’t been the same since.

Doesn’t it sound better to say, “Please pass the beautiful-tomato.” ?Or, “I’m canning beautiful-tomatos today.”

While I limit myself to using this hyphenated form only with people who are used to me…I always mentally add “beautiful” to the word “tomato.”

And there’s no time to discuss the pairing of beautiful-tomato with bacon.

Happiness available in one bite. Or two…

Tomatos are useful for more than eating. They are also beneficial for our skin. Check out this handmade (and home-grown) tomato soap! It’s a great antioxidant complexion bar.

Homegrown Beautiful Tomato Soap Bar

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