High Mileage

A herd of zebras could thunder by. The world could begin to collapse. A UFO could land. Or that pony-eating UPS truck with the creaky suspension could rumble past (oh so sinister).

But Brother, my trick riding horse, will stay the course. He won’t blink. He might flick an ear, but that would be the sum total of his reaction to “surprising encounters.”

I’m at total peace when my kids are on him.

Watching my little loves on my big four-legged love reminds me of some modern western art…the scenes where the old cowboy has his little kids on his best, good, old horse.

I muse…for us, it’s the old trickrider’s kids on her best, good, old horse.

Brother and I have run a lot of miles together. I counted up the years today. On Brother, I made a comeback to trickriding after a traumatic season in life. Some horses will take advantage when they sense broken-ness. Not Brother. This comical, sweet horse composed of spare parts has always taken care of me.

Watching my kids and horse idle away the afternoon, I know it’s a pretty sweet season to be in after all these miles.

Besides, Brother and I still have some miles left in us… 

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