Always the Lion

The Mighty Lion (our dog) doesn’t accept smack-talk coming from the fence-occupants—the goats.

…Though he has been pulled from herding-goat-duty because he hurt his hip. An injury happens when 100 lbs of elderly-heroic-gentleman-Lion thunders with abandon after an annoying buck-goat every morning. Every afternoon…and come to think of it, every evening.

The buck-goat is usually out of his fence, chasing after lady-goats he cannot have in the other fence.

And he has sent me tail over teakettle. Not because he is mean. But because he is intent upon where he is going, and I am equally intent that he shall be stopped.

The Mighty Lion has better “persuasion” than me on such unruly animals. But I must manage without his assistance now. He grudgingly rests his bulk in the tree shadows, still watching, while I take care of animal chores.
He is the Lion, the Mighty Lion.
Always, the Lion.

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