Lessons on Aging

I came up from the lower pasture this morning in time to see Steve headed across the field with our 3 dogs for their morning constitutional.

Steve and the two dogs in front were a whirl of commotion. Far behind, sauntered the old Mighty Lion.

The sun, a rare and welcome presence, shined golden on his flanks. In no hurry, he ambled along, his tail wagging gently, stopping to sniff points of interest.

I know how his huge bulk has aches and pains. I hear his groans every time he lays down. We all hold our breath when he totters up and down stairs.

But he isn’t focused on those things. This morning he luxuriates in his slow walk. Happy. He lives today! So happy.

I decided to join them. By the time I caught up, they had turned and headed back toward me.

The Mighty Lion spotted my approaching form and barked deep outrage from his chest. His eyesight fails him…he didnt recognize me.

After I called to him, “It”s me!”– he turns exceedingly embarrassed and comes to me, his entire body curling into wags. And I covered him with kisses.

This morning, he showed me a picture of aging with peace and dignity.

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