A few hours after her birth, this scrap of a goat looked more like a pile of rags than a kid-goat.

She nursed, but poorly. She had a normal goat temperature and had the benefit of heat lamps in the pen, but I kept picturing her out there looking like a ragdoll. I couldn’t sleep last night over it.

One of the challenging aspects of caring for animals is determining if a situation is a “wait and see” type, or ” do something different and do it now” type. Sleepless anyway, I decided to bring her inside and see what could be done.

She perked up in front of the woodstove and after I syringed some of her mama’s colostrum into her.

Mid night she went back out to her mama– who received her back with fanfare.

This morning when I went out to the barn,she was up and hopping those stiff-legged healthy-goat-kid jumps.

So grateful for a happy ending.

She still isn’t a thing of beauty with her patchy fur! Here’s the list of what my family wants to name her: Raggedy Ann, Patches, Rags, or Bear (Bear? Hhm)

I got a little attached to her and vote for the name “Rag Dolly.”

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