Glam Hands

Thank you Wild & Western Dusti Rhoads for sponsoring fancy nails stick-on strips for the lady performers here at Areli Equine Performance during our last trick riding shows!

I keep my nails short because any given day might hold manure shoveling, digging, lots of dishes, trick riding, messing with trucks and trailers….

I do admire everyone else’s pretty hands when they have their nails done, but pretty nails on my hands hasn’t been very practical for me.

So after giving these a try, here’s my two-cents on Dusti Rhoads nail strips:

They go on fast and easy (I have little patience for tedious beauty routines.)!

They last! (My hands have taken a beaten since I put these on and they still look as nice as the first day.)

They’re affordable! (Seriously.)

They’re so pretty! And many choices. I chose ones that match my fav trick riding costume. I was terribly tempted by the pink ones featuring Highlanders though, lol.)

Thank you, Wild& Western, for sponsoring our glamorous hands! We had fun and are still enjoying them.

Check out Wild &Western Dusti Rhoads at any of these links to try it for yourself:

Wild & Western Featuring Dusti Rhoads

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